Birchbox August Edition 2015

aug bb

It’s been a while since my last Birchbox post but I thought I would share this one with you. This months theme is very refreshing as the box design features a pool! With that being said, let’s dive right in! See what I did there?


Left: IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer – A face primer with SPF 15 that creates a smooth canvas for your makeup needs. It also contains shimmer to bring luminosity to the face and has slight fragrance. Full Size $28

Right: LAQA & CO Charm School Kit – A crayon shaped product that can double up as a lip or cheek tint. The shade I received is “CRAY-CRAY” which is more or less a coral shade. This product applied chalky on my lips and the color was not suitable for my complexion. Hopefully I can use it a blush instead. Set of 3, $20


R+CO DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo – A dry shampoo that will give your hair instant volume and is vegan! Works well in keeping the oils at bay and has a refreshing smell to it. Full Size $17-29


Left: Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer – Face cream for dry, dehydrated and/or dull skin with hyaluronic acid. It is supposed to plump and hydrate the skin. This brand does not test on animals (YAY). Full Size $20

Right: Balance Me Congested Skin Serum – This product is supposed to combat blemishes, shrink pores, and helps balance skin. When I first smelled this I thought it smelled like eucalyptus but after trying it for the second time it smelled like a citrus. I can’t pin point the smell but it doesn’t bother me. Full Size $30 

If you’re interested in subscribing to BirchBox, feel free to use my referral link!

Thanks for tuning in! Have a great night! Xoxo


My Summer Reading List ~ 2015


Since it’s currently Summer I thought it would be the perfect time to spend some time reading. I was interested in finding a book that captures the essence of a person, self achievement, empowerment , or in other words a “feel-good” book. It took some time until I found a book that captured my attention, but thankfully a little birdie gave me a recommendation. From that moment on, the search for one book led to the discovery of four more books. Here I am about to share my summer reading list if you’re in the market for one.


Left: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This type of book is what I was searching for and I found it! As I described earlier, it is one of those books that assure you anything is possible if you really want it. I’m currently reading it and I love it so far! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I won’t summarize what the book is about because that’s no fun for anyone who hasn’t read it.

Right: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

I have read this book before, and I remember being intrigued by it, so I decided to purchase it to refresh my memory. I would say this book and “The Alchemist” are very similar. This book is about a young boy searching for enlightenment and obstacles he faces along the way.


Left: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarity

The following books are ones I have not read yet, but they captured my attention which is why I ordered them. Oh, and they are soon to be turned into films, must count for something right? From what I read on the back of the cover, this is about a woman who has forgotten the last 10 years of her life and she is trying to make sense of it. This book sounds like reality for some people. I mean can you imagine waking up one day and forgetting part of your life?

Right: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

This book seems like a suspense, thriller, and mystery sort of book. It’s pretty much the tale of a young girls family who is murdered and 25 years later she is being chased by the killer. Of course there are things that happen in between, but even I haven’t read this book yet so feel free to do your own research on any of these books.


eleanor & park by rainbow rowell

Can’t have a summer reading list without a romantic book to throw in! I saw positive reviews on this book so I was like ” why not!” Two teens fall in love, and are willing to take a risk knowing that love doesn’t always last. I mean, sounds cute right?

Reading has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, however I had not picked up a book in a while, and thought it was time I did. If you have any recommendations on a book, please leave a comment. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed! xoxo


Fresca VoxBox Review

fresca voxbox Wooo! I’m stoked to share this review with you! This review would not be able to have had happen without the help of influenster. Before signing up, I was a bit hesitant to join, because I seen mixed reviews of the website. However, everything has been going smoothly and in about a month time or less I was chosen to be part of this voxbox! Aaaaaah talk about exciting!!

Influenster is a website  anyone can join as long as you are active in social media. Once you join, based on your influence in your social media accounts and based on questions asked about yourself, you may qualify for a voxbox campaign. A voxbox  campaign is when members are chosen to receive complimentary products to test and review. If you found this to be unclear which I’m sure it is, just do your own research as I’m still trying to figure it out. ( Correct me if I’m wrong)

Pure Silk Pure Silk Shave cream 5 oz. – This product claims to be protective against nicks and cuts all while providing moisture for your legs. It has a raspberry scent that isn’t overpowering but for me it doesn’t matter because I use body wash afterwards. I find this shaving cream similar to various other brands so nothing special unless you enjoy the scent. The results were the same when compared to other shaving creams I already own. Would I purchase this? Sure thing! shampooNot Your Mother’s Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner – Both products are eco-friendly and made without harsh chemicals which I like. They both smell like mint chocolate but after you rinse it’s barely noticeable. The shampoo claims to hydrate and retain moisture. I still don’t know how I feel about this product, it’s not your typical lathering formula. My concern is it doesn’t lather like other shampoos, maybe it’s because it’s made without harsh chemicals but I just don’t feel like it’s cleaning my hair. Don’t get me wrong because it is, it just doesn’t FEEL like it. The conditioner claims to help protect hair from damage ands claims to also add shine. Nevertheless I like the fact that they are eco-friendly and have no harsh chemicals. For me personally, I don’t think I would purchase either of them just because I like my shampoo to lather up. With that being said, if a family member bought them I would use it. Continue reading

My Collection – Rings Edition

As you can tell from the title, this is just a quick post on my small collection of rings.

RIngs 1

Rings 2 Rings 3These rings were handmade in Spain and these weren’t the only ones I had but I gave the other ones away. They were actually a gift from my brother when he went to Spain last summer. I was upset I couldn’t go. Darn school! 

Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I got the rest of the rings from. Some were given to me by my mom, others were purchased at different stores. But hey! I’m sure there are similar ones you could find! If it helps, forever21 has a great selection of jewelry at an affordable price!

I should probably go to bed now. It’s past my non-existent bed time, haha. As always, until next time! Xoxo

Who Am I!? The girl behind the blog


I think it’s about time I talked about who I am. I don’t think I have pictures of me and I haven’t really introduced myself but it’s about time I did. I thought it would be a good idea so you could get to know me a bit better. I didn’t plan out how I would approach this… I guess I’ll just say some things that define me and take it from there.

  •  My name is Evelyn and I am 20 years old.
  •  I currently live in Los Angeles, California.
  •  At the moment I am attending college at CSULA pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising and planning to minor in marketing or social media.
  • Forgive me if I use incorrect grammar or sentences… I am not an English wizard haha.
  • I like to eat chicken. A lot.
  • I really do enjoy fashion and being able to express self creativity.
  • I would rather be outdoors looking for an adventure than stay indoors. I enjoy hiking and doing things I haven’t done before. Adventure is my forte!
  • Hate math. Always have always will.
  • I’m pretty daring as in I wanna go sky diving, hot air balloon, I love roller coasters…. I just love the thrill, haha.
  • I absolutely want to travel to many places!! I cannot say it enough. There’s so much to see and grasp that I want to be able to experience it first hand.
  • I am a night owl! I stay up really late and that’s troublesome when I need to wake up early.
  • I’m a pretty easy going person!

Well that sums up this post. I was trying to describe myself but that’s like asking me to do the impossible, haha. Hope you learned more about me and I hope I didn’t bore you! Thanks for reading! Xoxo

BIRCHBOX Unboxing (March 2015)

BB march 2015As you can tell from the title this is a Birchbox post. If you are not familiar with the  way I review my subscription box, I basically list the samples I received for the month and write a description of the product. However I found it to be quite boring now. I think this will be the last Birchbox unboxing I do for a while.


Left: Number 4™ Clarifying Shampoo – Cleans hair while providing moisture and shine. Full Size $32-$72

Right: Number 4™ Reconstructing Masque – A hair treatment that provides moisture and protein. This was an extra sample! Continue reading